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Come and Train in Israel in our Tour and Train Program, Includes Anti-Terrorism course, one Tour and Train T-shirt, one IKI Krav Maga T-shirt, box set – two full-length Krav Maga training DVD’s.

We are very proud of our unique Tour and Train program which is designed to contribute to you a life changing experience you will never forget. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn our special IKI Krav Maga System developed by Moshe Katz.

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We are confident in our IKI Krav Maga techniques which are designed and coordinated to really save lives, our techniques are easy to learn and easy to teach. Confusing and complicated techniques are dangerous and a person could get killed by using a technique that compromises one’s safety. Once you start learning with us you will very quickly see how effective our system is and how confident you will feel being able to implement them.

It is also a unique opportunity and experience to actually study with us here in Israel. You will meet and work out with our IKI students in Israel and will also tour Israel, learning about our history and Krav Maga history.

Should you decide you would like to progress and become a member of IKI and test for a teaching certificate and/or ranks, you will be able to be tested at the end of the course.

Any further information you would like to know about T&T please visit this link: http://www.your-krav-maga-expert.com/krav-maga-training-israel.html

One way to speed up the learning process is to purchase our Krav Maga DVDs (at reduced prices for members only), this will give you background all the information to understand the clips even better.

This is also a great opportunity to get “caught up” with this conversation is to purchase the IKI Krav Maga DVDs which are available at discounted rates for IKI Members. http://www.your-krav-maga-expert.com/krav-maga-DVD.html

Welcome to Israel Esther & Moshe

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Tour and Train Israel Review By Jürgen Köhler, IKI Germany Tour and Train, June 2015 IKI Team Germany, Counter-Terror training. Team leader – Jürgen Köhler Editor’s note: Jürgen is a highly respected martial arts master. He came to IKI Krav Maga already a certified instructor and black belt in several styles. He has produced several martial arts instructional DVDs. Yet he came to IKI with no rank and no demands, He has hosted two hugely successful seminars in his hometown of Königsbach-Stein and a third is scheduled for September this year. He is a second dan black belt in IKI Krav Maga. Yet, even as a high-level practitioner and instructor, he found that in Israel he has much to learn. He came as a student and humbly dedicated himself to improving his Krav Maga skill and learning about Israel and our culture. I can honestly say there is the before Israel Jürgen and the after Israel Jürgen. I invite other instructors to follow his path. Thank you, Moshe, thank you, Esther, for your work with IKI, for organizing this indescribable Trip to Israel. When I came home … many friends asked me: how was it, did you enjoy the Tour? Oh, yes … and I cannot explain .. “good” is not enough, Tour and Train are..wooowww! But why is it “wooowww”? It is because of … where should I start? Ok, at first the Training sessions: The Group trains inside and outside, with local Krav Maga students and with the international students exclusively … alone this makes a big difference to regular Seminars. You train in Israel … with the pupils of this fantastic country. You become part of this country. Training with the locals .. does not matter if men or women … they are all so friendly, like really good friends. We met a former IDF Soldier … a young man, he was in the Gaza-War .. he told us the real thing, … not even what the newspapers around the World tell. Here you see, why it is important to learn Krav Maga. Maybe some of you think the Training in Israel –at Moshe – is only soft skill… hahahahha, so I tell you: Train with the locals, feel the low kick from Laizer, enjoy the elbow strikes from Yonat. If you talk with these guys and girls … you will get a flavor how is it to live in Israel. Maybe in Your Home dojo, the Gun-defense is just a game … wow, here it is real life. Everyone here knows: ”if I do not practice enough, maybe tomorrow I will lose my life” IKI Krav Maga is not a game! It is to protect yourself and your beloved ones. Our group was recruited by students and Instructors around the World. Australia, Poland, England, Swiss, Sweden, Croatia, Cayman Island, United States, Germany … all of us have different backgrounds. There was a former American Football Player, Bodyguards, Soldiers, Doormen, whatever… with these backgrounds, we worked together with new situations.  A technique which works with an IKI Instructor with 30 years in Martial Arts will not work with a young woman which never was trained in any style of Martial Arts / Self-defense. … so we were searching and finding a solution which fits everyone. During the two weeks, all participants live together with local families … in this way we can talk with the “native speakers” … they are always friendly – also to us – the Germans.  Here we have learned a lot about the culture and the lifestyle. I must say: this was a great experience for me. I made new deep friends. Israel – the land of the Torah and the Bible – here all these stories become alive!  The Old City (of King David) or the Battlefield of David vs. Goliath … we also visited the first Christian Church in which the wonder of Pentecost occurred .. wow, I can not give words for this. Counter-Terrorism Training… Anti-terror training, what should I say? I’ve never shot before, I was not in the Army .. but yes it was great. The way how these experts teach you to shoot with a handgun or a machine gun … easy and effective! And than … in the lunch-break … a Man – I call him HERO – told us from his “job” in Uganda … to rescue about 100 hostages from terrorists. Shai Ish-Shalom speaking with members of IKI Tour and Train about his experiences with Yoni Netanyahu of blessed memory, rescuing the hostages in Operation Entebbe. Visit the Synagogue on Shabbat. OK, I did not understand any Hebrew word … beside Jerusalem and Amen. But this does not matter. I’ve had the great honor to be there twice … and see the Jews …hear them pray .. and feel: the presence of the King of Kings, and LORD of all LORDS. Yes, you can feel him. After the ceremony in the synagogue, we went to Esther for Shabbat meal. Eating together, talking and get the blessings from Moshe … WOW, why “WOW”? because Moshe is in the direct line to Aaron, the brother of Moses (Moshe) .. Aaron was the first High Priest of Israel. The First Cohen Gadol. Heritage of the Fathers, a synagogue in Maaleh Adumim. But was there anything bad? or terrible…? Yes! When we walked in the Old City, we had to go into the Muslim-quarter … no, this is not a racist blog! But I felt not really safe in this area. .. for me, it seemed dark and dusty. The way how the Arabs have watched us … was not really friendly. Again: this is MY version and MY sight … maybe other guys of our group felt secure – but not me. So what should I say … if you wanna be a Krav Maga –warrior … you “must” train there. You will never ever feel this Spirit if you will not be Part of this land. Tour and Train IKI gives you much more than only training. Here you become something for your body, spirit, and mind. .. all three levels of human being are involved. Thank you, Moshe! With blessings to Esther, Laizer, Yonat, and Rachel (a friend of Esther) The men of the IKI Germany delegation at the Western Wall in Jerusalem
Jürgen KöhlerGermany

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