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Book Moshe Katz for Seminar

Book Moshe Katz for Seminar

Moshe Katz offers Krav Maga seminars in Israel and around the world.

At least twice each year Moshe travels to the USA and Canada. Seminars in Europe, Asia, South America, Central America or Africa are available at any time, by invitation.

To arrange a seminar contact the IKI Office or Moshe Katz directly.

Over the past 15 years Moshe has conducted seminars at more than 710 martial arts academies, colleges, universities, and military bases around the world.

Seminars can be conducted in English, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Seminars can be tailored to the needs of the of the group. There are many topics to chose from. International seminars usually range from two days to five days.

To Arrange a Krav Maga seminar please contact Moshe Katz at

Moshe Katz

Please note: Flight and travel expenses need to be paid in advance. This includes the flight and taxi.




Initial Seminar Deposit -----$350
Plus PayPal Fee
Balance Seminar Payment -----$400
Plus PayPal Fee
Full Seminar Payment ------$750
Plus PayPal Fee

Seminar Policies

Seminar Policies


The cost for seminar fees and details please contact the IKI office in the Contact form below.

For locations outside the USA/Canada i.e. the North America trip - Expenses are:

Seminar fee, round trip airfare, taxi to and from airport in Israel, airport pickup and drop off abroad, food and hotel.

For flights leaving Israel Moshe only flies El Al Israel Airlines. Unless someplace like Kazakhstan where El Al does not yet fly where there is no choice. Connecting flights can be with any airline other than Arab airlines, for obvious reasons.

All flight expenses must be incurred by hosts including unexpected costs that may arise from time to time.

Cancellation Policy for USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico:

Once a flight has been booked there can be no cancellation. Cancelling a seminar incurs the full cost of the seminar, hotel and food expenses. i.e. If a seminar is booked within the USA, Canada, or Mexico, which is part of a tour, cancelling an event has a domino effect. If event B is cancelled, I still must be there to catch the flight to event C.  Thus a cancellation incurs ALL costs incurred as a result of the cancellation of the seminar.

Cancellation Policy for all other seminars:

In the event of a cancellation the flight money is forfeited and 50% of the seminar fee must be paid.


Procedure, once we set a date for a seminar I will look into a flight. We agree on flight details and cost. Two options for payment.

For flights leaving Israel Moshe only flies El Al Israel Airlines. Unless someplace like Kazakhstan where El Al does not yet fly where there is no choice. Connecting flights can be with any airline other than Arab airlines, for obvious reasons.

The procedure is:

1. My agent at El Al contacts you directly and you pay him via credit card.
2. I send you an invoice for the flight and I book it here in Israel.

This way if there are problems, as there have been many times in the past, volcanic ash, contaminated petrol, storms, snow, war. I have one individual whom I can contact rather than go on a wild goose chase trying to contact an airline to get home.

It has happened too many times in the past with other airlines that I have found myself stranded in a foreign country trying to explain myself in Spanish or German in the middle of the night, while panicking that I will not make my connection.

Since most airports in the world do not provide WiFi, I have been stranded at airports without internet, or working international phone. Being surrounded by Chinese or Italian speakers, trying to reach someone is not what I plan to ever do again. Please do not argue with me on this point, I book my own flights. There can be no compromise when it comes to my safety.

Flights within USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico:

When on tour within North America there can be as many as 20 flights or more.

Policy regarding booking flights:

Never take the initiative to book the flight on your own.  These flights must be booked together, me and the host, in order to find the best flight that suits our needs.

For your sake I try to choose the least expensive flight. For your sake I try not to choose a flight that involves you waking up at 3 am and driving 2 hours.

For my sake I try to choose a flight without three connections. For my sake I try to choose a flight where I can get a decent night sleep. Thus we must speak and chose the best flight together.

No seminar is considered booked until the flight is booked and paid for. Without a booked flight I have no guarantee the host will not change his mind at the last minute.

Flights must be booked and paid for well advance -When I ask for them to be booked.

Please be sure to book the flight a few months in advance, if you are seriously interested in hosting a seminar. Please understand that I must coordinate many flights to accommodate your seminar booking. A delay of booking the flight causes a domino effect on my whole seminar scheduling.

I am only able to book flight number 3 on a tour after flight number 2 is booked. For example if I am flying New York then to Chicago and to Los Angeles, I will only book the Chicago and Los Angeles flights after I have a confirmed booking for New York. 

Travel Protection

In the past I never insisted on "Travel protection", it is another $15- $20 but I figured why waste the money. These days with cancellations due to weather, storms, and other technical difficulties I feel it is necessary. So be prepared to pay another few dollars. Better this way than losing the entire cost of the flight, which has happened too many times.


Include Hotel, food, coffee, must be paid for and arranged by the host. Hotels should be Best Western quality or better, not "Super 8", or "Americas Best".

All hotels should be clean, smoke free, safe, and include a quality breakfast and WiFi. 

Free Time

If there is free time please understand that these trips are very tiring. I am quite happy relaxing in the hotel before the seminar. I do not need to be "entertained" and shown the sights of the town. Please understand that I am coming to teach Krav Maga, not as a tourist. It is more important to me to be well rested and prepared for the seminar than to see the historic sights of the town.