Tour and Train June 2019

17th – 27th June 2019

Come and Tour and Train in Israel with us. We are based in Israel, our homeland, in the lovely town of Maaleh Adumim, just outside Jerusalem. This is our Israeli headquarters where we have been training students from all over the world since 1993.

Our adult Tour and Train in Israel program is cutting edge, Krav Maga. Students, instructors, and law enforcement come from all over the world to learn Krav Maga, upgrade their skills or see what has recently developed. They come with questions and they contribute their own experience. Sometimes a question will lead to an evolution of an existing technique or the development of a new one.
Our Krav Maga is fluid, always attempting to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. Our students are helping people all over the world, empowering others and giving them tools with which to defend themselves. In addition to our special programs, we offer weekly classes, in English. The group is comprised of our local students and visiting students.

The Training

At least seven hours per day (except for days when we tour, but even on those days we have training).

Indoors and Outdoors training

Full Padding for knife defense training

Full impact but safe

All Aspects of Krav Maga Training; Close quarters, Defense inside cars, stairs, Hostage situations, Airline situations, Profiling.

Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, Mount Herzl, Yad Va Shem, Masada

Diploma for completion of course.

Diploma for Anti -Terrorism class.

The possibility of a rank test,

Possibility for instructor test (suitable candidates).

Day 11”  Optional at extra cost – Full day Counter Terrorism training or VIP Protection Training with top Israeli experts. (live ammunition).

Alternative “Day 11” Option – VIP Protection Course (diploma).

Registration – Deposit

Reserve your spot, Registration

$450 deposit and registration fee.  Non – Refundable.
This is a processing fee and reserves your spot. This covers us for our time, effort, and expense in the event the participant does not show up. If the participant does show this counts towards the cost of the course.

Or Pay for Tour & Train in Full Already $1,450.00

Pay Now for Airport Pick Up, we arrange for our drivers to conveniently bring you straight to where you are staying.

$90 Single Way (Plus PayPal Fee)

$180 Round Trip (Plus PayPal Fee)

Special Courses

VIP Training Course $550

Learn More…

Counter Terrorism Training Course $550

Learn More…


All payments are final barring any unusual circumstances subject to review by IKI board of management. Factors such as the length of time before the course, personal tragedies etc will be taken into account.

Cancellations within two days of the start of the course are nonrefundable.

IKI will make every attempt to find a suitable solution based on the circumstances.


The choice of housing is up to you, but we can help you. Prices for Hotels or a bed and breakfast in Jerusalem can run from a few dollars per night to hundreds.

I feel it is best to stay in Maaleh Adumim. We do not have any hotels but there are very nice rooms an units for rent ranging from about $30 per night to about $70 a night.

Once you register for the program we contact you and arrange all the details and find accommodations that suit your needs.

The food here is rather inexpensive unless you choose to dine in fancy touristy restaurants.

Smoke-Free Environment:

IKI is a smoke-free environment. Our hosts have made it clear that no smoking is allowed on their premises. (this includes backyard, balcony etc) If you are a smoker please refrain while you are here, or find a place far away so that it does not affect others.

No smoking during the tours or during the training.

Sometimes smokers think that if they step to the side, smoke, and return, that no one will be disturbed. This is not the case. Over and over again non-smokers have said they do not want to train or be near anyone who has smoked a cigarette, the stench stays with the person.

Leave your cigarettes at home!


This is a Sabbath-observing community. As such we ask you to respect the feelings and the guidelines of the community. Thus on Saturday, there is no playing of loud music, no vehicles, no smoking etc.

Our community is a traditional Jewish one. You will feel very welcome here. Please try your best to fit in and respect the community and they will treat you the same. Those who wish may spend Saturday on their own. Some participants chose to go to Tel Aviv, the beach, or to visit friends, the choice is yours.

Extras: (at no extra cost)

Meet local residents and hear about the history of Maaleh Adumim,

History and Jewish Tradition from Moshe includes video presentations (Optional)

Visit synagogues during prayer, including a Yemenite Jewish service, (Optional)

Option for spending Shabbat in Maaleh Adumim,

Local currency exchange places available, shopping, car rental etc. (Do not change money at the airport!)

Then you have flights, and accommodations, which I can look into. of course, the flight would be different for each person.

Open to ALL levels

No previous experience required. Beginners, Instructors, and practitioners of all levels are welcome, each will advance at his own pace.

We Take Care of You

Once you register and book your flight – you are all set. We do the rest. We can arrange for you: housing, airport pickup and drop off, shopping, money changing at the best rates, restaurants, wifi, laundry and any issues that may pop up. We are your Israel connection.

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