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Come and Train in Israel in our Tour and Train Program, Includes Anti-Terrorism course, one Tour and Train T-shirt, one IKI Krav Maga T-shirt, box set – two full-length Krav Maga training DVD’s.

We are very proud of our unique Tour and Train program which is designed to contribute to you a life changing experience you will never forget. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn our special IKI Krav Maga System developed by Moshe Katz.

Check out our YouTube Channel with videos of our past T&T’s:


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Check out our Tour & Train Website: http://www.ikitourandtrain.com/

We are confident in our IKI Krav Maga techniques which are designed and coordinated to really save lives, our techniques are easy to learn and easy to teach. Confusing and complicated techniques are dangerous and a person could get killed by using a technique that compromises one’s safety. Once you start learning with us you will very quickly see how effective our system is and how confident you will feel being able to implement them.

It is also a unique opportunity and experience to actually study with us here in Israel. You will meet and work out with our IKI students in Israel and will also tour Israel, learning about our history and Krav Maga history.

Should you decide you would like to progress and become a member of IKI and test for a teaching certificate and/or ranks, you will be able to be tested at the end of the course.

Any further information you would like to know about T&T please visit this link: http://www.your-krav-maga-expert.com/krav-maga-training-israel.html

One way to speed up the learning process is to purchase our Krav Maga DVDs (at reduced prices for members only), this will give you background all the information to understand the clips even better.

This is also a great opportunity to get “caught up” with this conversation is to purchase the IKI Krav Maga DVDs which are available at discounted rates for IKI Members. http://www.your-krav-maga-expert.com/krav-maga-DVD.html

Welcome to Israel Esther & Moshe

IKI Main Office

Israeli Krav International


The first thing I felt,  as I had arrived for tour and train, was a very welcomed feeling, it was strongly felt and made me much more at ease. I knew, ( or at least expected ) that I would learn much more of the Krav Maga and its history. I was very much surprised!!  The people are absolutely kind and wonderful. I have learned more From Moshe Katz, and Esther Lehman ( two angels by the way ) in ten Days, then what would take months to learn from books. Their hearts are as big as Israel itself. They teach real Krav Maga That works at its simplest, design for everyone. The technique doesn’t require strength or endurance to perform and is based on gross motor skills. ( big movements ) Any fine motor skills ( small movements ) go out the window under extreme stress such as a life or death situations.  Moshe and Esther are both all about peace, respect, and ethics. To learn IkI Krav Maga is to learn peace and to spread that peace. To respect, and cherish all life. Moshe Katz knowledge, and family roots to the history of the Jewish people with their hardships and their triumphs, better then any book you will ever read, walk with Moshe back in time throughout Jerusalem, and the Masada, and not only will you Learn the history, but you will feel the history!! The Heart and spirit of the people.   The whole experience cannot be expressed in words it needs to be witnessed. I will continue to go back for as many years as I am on this beautiful planet.  Thank you, Moshe Katz and Esther Lehman for welcoming me as a part of the IKI family. Gary Bishop,  Newfoundland, Canada
Gary BishopCanada

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